This Silverlight app plays the classic game of Reversi against you.

There are also Windows and Windows Phone 7 versions.

What is Reversi?

Reversi (aka Othello) is a 19th Century English game, with simple instructions - but the gameplay is devious!!

This Silverlight app will play this game of cunning against you. If you are playing the game for the first time, there is an option for the app to highlight legal moves, until you get the hang of the rules (which are very simple).

If you don't know the rules, have a look at the Reversi Instructions pages for a full description.

If you are interrupted whilst playing, when you come back to the app you can resume your game from where you left off.

Finally, if you click the wrong square, or regret your decision to make a certain move, there is an option to undo moves as far back as you need.

I hope you enjoy playing it!

Standalone Windows Game

If you would like to download the game and install it rather than playing it within my website, download the Windows version.

Check out the Windows version! Download the Windows version

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